Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Registered letter from Pataudi to Khetri , with envelope bearing Pataudi Coat Of Arms.

1924 Everest Expedition Card from Calcutta to England. F.w. India Geo. V 1½a tied by CALCUTTA – BRITISH EMPIRE EXHIBITION cancel dtd 30 OCT 24. Additonally f.w. Deep Blue MOUNT EVEREST Expedition Label tied by Red EVEREST EXPEDITION / RONGBUK GLACIER BASE CAMP / 1924 Cancel (Waterfall Type IIa) The back of the card shows a photo of the Everest Base Camp and was used to advertise Captain Noel’s film on the 1924 Expedition The card states: “Dispatched by Postal Runner to India” and bears a facsimile signature of Capt. Noel.

I.F.S Jind

J16 complete sheet.


Portuguese India

1962 India, overprint essays on Portuguese India. Rare.

Afinsa 16,17 - 1873 10r black and 20r Vermillon on native cover from Panjim to Margao.

Afinsa 2 , 1871 20r shades

Afinsa 15, 900r Violet

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I.F.S Jaipur

Deschl E16 1949 3/4 anna on 1 anna blue provisional envelope - scarce used.

1904 - SG3a , 1/2 anna deep blue , complete sheet of 24 with frame lines and the number "24" printed on top and handnumbered in red.

Easy India postcards oerprinted with "JEYPORE". Uncertain status.

Jaipur merchant letters with royal emblem . Rare!

Jaipur native cover.

India Used Abroad

India - Abyssinian Field Force : 1868 envelope to Guernsey franked with India 1866-78 6a8p slate (SG72), cancelled square framed "FF" in diamond of bars, handstamped "INDIA PAID" in red, backstamped red "ABYSSINIA FIELD FORCE POST OFFICE/31 JA/68" and Guernsey 20.2.68 cds.

SG 4a (second I missing - though in this case it is very faintly visible)

Scarse 1947 registered cover from Gynatse, Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal. India George Vth registered envelope (additionally a pair of India Geo V 1 1/2 anna) with Gyantse Type B-3 (Hel. B48) cancels. (dtd 17 May 1947) with Boxed Gyantse/Tibet Registration labels. British Legation/Nepal receiving mark with nepalese native cancel alongside.

India Used in Afghanistan (Registered Airmail Letter To Bremen)

India Used In Baghdad

India Used In Tibet

India Used In Baghdad

India Used In Japan (BCOF)

India Used In Bushire

Group of two post cards from Aden , one to Cambridge and the other to USA.

I.F.S Las Bela

Pair of SG6 on native cover

I.F.S Bhopal

SG 78 block of 20, rare sheet , but torn in a few places.


Bhopal 0354d , block of 4

I.F.S Alwar

SG1 on native cover

Alwar 1 anna fiscal stamp used on Post & Telegraph receipt 1943 with "Postal Cancellation" on stamp

Monday, August 28, 2006

I.F.S Travancore-Cochin

1950 1a orange of Cochin , type 3, 'T-C.' error overprint inverted. Only one sheet of 48 existed.

Block of four with top right stamp of variety 'stop missing after T' (SG9a)

SG03dc, error "NANA" for ANNA

I.F.S Nandgaon

SG3 & SG4 pair used with India 1/2 anna used on cover from Raj Nandgaon (philatelic). RPSL certificate.

I.F.S Soruth

SG4a (1anna) - black on cream wove , imperf, handstamped in water color, soiled and toned. RPSL certificate

SG21a var , "OSTAGE" omitted from right most stamp, fiscally used on document.

USS Saurashta Postage & Revenue Used On Native cover

I.F.S Rajasthan

SG15,SG16,SG17,SG18,SG22,SG24 with constant error in Hindi overprint (partial second last character). Unrecorded.

SG15-25 complete set

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I.F.S Faridkot

1879-86 1f ultramarine on wove paper, vertical tete-beche pair unused. SGN5a

I.F.S Dungarpur

SG14 on the reverse of an INDAP proof sheet.

An interesting 1941 double used 'On Dungarpur State Service' envelope franked with I.F.S Dungarpur 1 1/4 anna stamps (SG9 & SG11). The envelope re-used for correspondence from Sagwara, Dungarpur to Kathiawar and bearing 1 1/2 anna British-India stamps.

Franked on reverse of a 'On Dungarpur State Service Only' cover.

SG9,11 on local cover

French India

1924 cover to Czechoslovakia franked 1923 surch 1ca/1c (24 - 18 on reverse) & 12ca/15c all tied by "Pondicherry 13 AOUT 1924" cds. VF. SG 62, 69. Rare usage to a most unusual destination !!

Yvert 230P. Roumet certificate.

1905 postal stationary envelope used from Pondicherry to Marseille. Slightly shortened at left.