Saturday, October 31, 2009

Barwani - Postal Stationary C1 & C3

ex-SteinKamp - Barwani first issue postal stationary is very rare. Less than three copies are known of C1 and C3. The C1 above is dated february 1927 - which probably is the earliest recorded use of postal stationary in the state.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Rajpipla - Earliest Postal Stationary Usage

Nandod (Local/Feudatory Post Office) - Jul 4, 79
Chandod (Imperial Post Office) - Jul 4, 79
Bombay ("B" cancellation) - 7 Jul
London - Aug 10 , 79

Commercially used lettersheet converted for use an an envelope. Passing through the feudatory post office at Nandod. Similar to the usage of the 1-paisa stamp of Rajpipla used on covers for out of state delivery delivery.

The earliest documented use of an Indian States postal stationary.

Nawanagar Typeset Study - Derek Bates

Nawanagar Typesets - Derek Bates - 1